My 2 tokens of view



In the wake of recent “turmoil” in our country, I felt obliged to share my views with all the readers regarding this problem. Its my personal opinion and supported with some facts that I managed to grind out from multiple sources.

For me,protesting against oppression in order to support the truth and the oppressed is a legitimate act that may be obligatory if it will affect the process of decision-making among the oppressors. However, these protests and demonstrations do not warrant riots or destructive acts against public or private property. This is because such acts fall under the category of wrongdoing and cannot be justified by the negative attitudes of governments.

Explaining the legitimacy of demonstrating in Islamic Shari`ah, the prominent Saudi Scholar, Dr. Muhammad al-Ahmari states:

Holding demonstrations to support the truth and refuse injustice, oppression and corruption is a legitimate recurring act that Allah sanctions in condemning corruption as well as in celebrating feasts. Examples of this are the Prophet’s demonstrating (with the companions) to bid farewell to the Muslim armies as well as to welcome them when they returned. Another example is during the conquest of Makkah. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) commanded his uncle Al-`Abbas, to show Abu Sufyan the strength and power of the Muslim army as they were marching towards Makkah with their banners raised. By commanding them to do so, the Prophet wanted to convince Abu Sufyan that he could not confront the powerful army of Muslims.

If we cannot at least express our voice, display our position, and declare our sympathy with our oppressed fellows, as well as show our readiness to protect our invaded and occupied lands, then what does remain for us to do? Hence, explaining and supporting the truth as well as confronting and condemning injustice and corruption by all possible means is a legitimate recurring right in Islam.

Shedding more light on the issue and the Islamic guidelines for demonstrations, the following fatwa issued by the prominent Saudi Islamic lecturer and author, Sheikh Muhammad Saleh Al-Munajjid states:

There is nothing wrong with Muslims protesting against a certain act of oppression, condemning it, and asking for active reaction to stop it. Rather, Muslims should use all effective and Islamically acceptable means provided that these protests and demonstrations do not involve things that are forbidden in the Shari`ah. Some of those prohibited acts may include the following:

-Men and women going out without abiding by the Islamic code of dress.

-Shouting slogans that are improper.

-Doing wrong to others by such acts as blocking the road or preventing people from passing by.

-Using slanderous and insulting words that are not permitted in Shari`ah.

-Men and women mixing during the demonstration.

-Committing acts of aggression against the property of innocent people, such as destroying their shops or breaking their windows, or starting fires in public facilities, and other haram actions.

In stating that men and women should not mix during the demonstration, we mean that only indecent mixing is not allowed. Both men and women who join the rally should abide by the Islamic code of dress and women as well as men should not mix with one another in an indecent way. It is suggested that the people in the rally should line up in a way similar to that of prayer, i.e. men in the front and women in the back.

This is further clarified in the following fatwa issued by Dr. Ahmad Sa`id Hawwa, Professor of Islamic Jurisprudence and Its Principles at Jordanian Universities:

If a demonstration attracts a huge crowd, thus entails mixing between people, then it is not allowed for women to participate in it. However, if the rally is properly arranged that women are made to walk in separate lines or with men but without being jam-packed, then it is permissible.

What matters here is the amount of certainty about the consequences of the rally. For example, if there is a higher possibility that women will be subject to ill-treatment and the like from the police or other people, then they should not demonstrate. This is based on the juristic rule that states: removing hardship is given priority over accruing benefit. This must not be construed as preventing women from participating in the service of Islam, as there are many ways women can help in the cause of Allah.

If the rally held this 9 July can adhere to the syariah rules stated above , I would totally support this work. But if not, you know what my answer is. Its my 2 tokens of view anyway. Everyone is entitled to voice their opinion. Jazakumullah khairan katheera everyone  =)




Di Sinilah Tempat ku bermula…



Entry kali ini saya dedikasikan khas untuk teman-teman yang ditemui sepanjang berada di MMU Cyberjaya. Tempat yang penuh dengan suka duka. Susah senang sepanjang setahun di sana akan kekal terpahat dalam sanubari. 🙂

Orang kata, persahabatan atas keimanan itu sangat indah. Kehangatannya hanya yang mendalami mampi merasa. Manusia tidak akan mampu membina persahabatannya atas keimanan hanya dengan berkata-kata. Manusia juga tidak akan mampu mencapai persahabatannya atas keimanan dengan mudah berputus asa. Moga ukhwah yang kita bina berkekalan selamanya =)

Yg kiri,Norhelmi Mohidin,rakan sebilik,senegeri,seketurunan(mak melayu bapa jawa).X-MCKK(rival RMC)Kelakar,tapi hati kaca.Ahaks :P. Yg kanan, Zamrey Hamid,rakan sekelas,sama2 satu group interview TM. Sumpah antara orang paling lawak. teman kutuk-mengutuk(0ops :P)..hehehe
Yg atas tu,my very 1st Murobbi. Aizuddin Khalid. Banyak pengorbanan beliau. Sanggup berulang dari rumahnya di Bangi ke MMU setiap kali ada Liqa' ataupun bawa kami ke program luar tanpa meminta balasan.Sekarang ni memegang jawatan sebagai Naib Presiden I PEMBINA.Yg berbaju biru tu,Azril hanafi,my 2nd murobbi.Baru sahaja mendirikan rumah tangga. X-MMU, jadi beliau sangat faham dengan apa sahaja masalah yg saya lalui. Sekarang ni memegang jawatan sebagai AJK tertinggi PEMBINA bahagian Media dan Promosi. Alhamdulillah rasa sangat beruntung dapat berguru dengan dua insan yang hebat ni.
Ini saudara seUsrah saya. Yg kiri, Hisyammudin Zahron,sekelas. Suka sangat peluk dia sebab kemontelannya.hehehe. Yg kanan, Fuad Borhan,seUsrah,satu skuad Brav92,satu batch RMC 0809,satu team bola,Saracens FC,dan seperti helmi tadi,satu keturunan(mak melayu bapa jawa). Mamat hensem yg jadi rebutan gadis. Ahaks:P
Dynamic duo yg menjadi nadi PEMBINA di MMU Cyberjaya.Yang kiri,Ahmad Shaiful.Senior RMC.Mantan presiden MPP.Boleh dikategorikan sebagai mentor dan abang. Banyak sangat ilmu dapat drpd dia. Hanya boleh balas dgn doa. Qudwah kepada saya. Yg kanan, Hidayat Ghazali,x-Asis, mentor dlm bab bisnes. Engineer with business brain. mantan Timb. presiden MPP.


This is Aliyu Bagudu from Nigeria.taking software engineering. People often called him bilal b rabah because of his attributes and he is the one who calling the athan for each prayer. A really humble person 🙂

Rakan sekelas



Keluarga PEMBINA Bangi dan ISMA DHL

Special Mentions: Nawfal Ahmad, sahabat IU,ikhwah KTT(Najmi,aizudin che azmi dan mior zainul arif),MMU Vipers Rugby Club





Terpegun dengan keaslian fitrah penduduk Yaman. Orang Yaman terkenal dengan kebijaksanaan, lembut hati dan halus seperti yang dinyatakan oleh hadis. Moga masyarakat Malaysia yang berada di Yaman dapat sedikit sebanyak tempias sifat-sifat baik orang Yaman. Ni gambar kanak-kanak tasmi’ (memperdengarkan) hafalan matan di masjid Kabir, San’a Qadimah. Boleh tengok kat situ tok Syeikhnya yang berpakaian simple, di sebelahnya budah buta yang jadi pembantu untuk perbetulkan hafalan dan seorang lagi budak yang sedang tasmi’.