Banana Pancake Trail Day 6 : From Bangkok to Krabi


This is the last day in Bangkok. So me and my friend decided to take it easy and just relax in the morning. We checkout from the hotel around 12.30pm. What I can say is the staff in JS Tower was really helpful. They even helps us making calls to the hotel that I reserved in Krabi without charging us a single cent. I highly recommend this hotel to anyone staying in Bangkok on budget, especially for muslim traveller, as they provided halal food. Eventhough its quite far from the BTS, the hospitality is top notch. To kill the time before we embark on the train to Surat Thani at 7.30pm, we book a taxi to Terminal 21 shopping mall. As we are in group, the fares when when divided with 3 persons is actually cheaper than using BTS. However if U are travelling solo, it is better to use BTS.

We had our lunch at Terminal 21. Eventhough it is in shopping mall , the prices was very reasonable, just like the prices of food in normal shop in Malaysia. But the best thing about Terminal 21 is not that. It is a shopping complex that have different city theme for each floor, consists of LG Floor – Caribbean, G Floor – Rome, M Floor – Paris, 1st Floor – Tokyo, 2nd Floor – London, 3rd Floor – Istanbul, 4th Floor – San Francisco (City), 5th Floor – San Francisco (Pier), and 6th Floor – Hollywood. So, each floors has different design and shops, based on their theme. Even the toilet design for each floor is different ! They also have the London double decker Bus replica and San Francisco bridge.

Westminster Abbey ? or Buckingham Palace?
Safely Arrived at istanbul
Toilets at the caribbean floor

We left Terminal 21 for Bangkok Central Train Station at 5pm by BTS. For dinner, we just packed the food from the KFC besides the train station. We booked a 2nd Class Fan sleeper seat which cost around 500baht. We departed to Surat Thani at 7.30pm.


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