Banana Pancake Trail : day 9, Im coming Home


As this was the last day , we just take things easy and chill out at Ao Nang beach. We initially plan to go to Tiger Cave temple but we woke up quite late so we decided to forego that plan. Anyhow, we are lacking in cash anyway. We moved to the airport after lunch as the distance between Ao Nang and the airport is quite far. On our way to airport, there was heavy downpour and we cannot be grateful enough that during our stay for past 2 days, no such thing happen. If not we would not be able to enjoy and travel as much as we want to.

20141016_105330 20141016_110113

We arrived in KLIA around 6pm and we had our lunch at Petaling jaya. Then, we straight away head to Melaka to our homes. We reached there around 1am in the morning. With that, we completed the banana pancake trail for 9 days !


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