IPT Tour Malaysia-Indonesia 2014

Exactly one year ago during this time, I was directing my first international program , IPT Tour Malaysia – Indonesia 2014. The location was around Jakarta for 4 days and 3 nights. It was the first time that SRC MMU had organized an overseas trip for quite some time. The last was trip to Australia in 2007. To make the it more memorable, i have only one committee to handle this program( which is to do the ticketing), and I handled about 90 % of the total work, from transport, logistics, accommodation, tentative, universities, contacts etc. And to to settle everything while taking final exam makes it more sweeter, as the program runs right after the final exam. Below is the full documentation of the whole program :

There are some interesting and crazy stories that were not documented in the video. Here some of  it :

1) The program itself almost did not took off, as the head of the student affairs limits the number of participants to 20 (we have 37 SRC members) and ask us to fork out RM500 each. Crazy. It is Indonesia for God sake. But perseverance and cold heart (hati kering)make this thing happen.

2) I was not supposed to be the director. It suppose to be someone else and the initial plan was to go to India. But one month and a half before the program, there was no progress so we decided to chop off the initial plan and start a new one. Yes, one month and a half before the program.

3) There were 5 different proposals prepared. India (no progress) , Australia (too expensive), China ( the head of student affairs actually liked it, but then he rejected it because China is a communist country. Say whatttttt -____-“‘ ), Thailand (almost took off, then  there was massive protest and demonstration in Bangkok, so we shifted it to Songkhla. But in the early of January, there was explosion incident in southern Thailand, so we had to scrap it out due to security concerns) .

4) I actually doesnt have the exact tentative for Indonesia part when the Malaysia part started. It was just one day before we depart to Indonesia that I have the exact universities that will be visited by us as the university representative (Gunadarma university) left it very late to confirm to us. To make it more interesting , i only able to reach the university focal person through a friend that visit MMU malacca four years back (I only met him once,thats it) , that have a cousin that is working the university as a lecturer. Talking about networking huh.

5) There were not enough cash before the program. Luckily , one the staff of student affairs division lend us her money so we can actually do the transport bookings. 1.5k. thank you very much kak. I will forever be indebted to u.


6) The flight to Jakarta was delayed to give chance to one of our delegation member to find her missing bag. She did not find it until we return back from Jakarta to KL. I was told the bag the was found in the immigration scan machine. Big Impact program indeed.

7) We almost lost 2 members of the delegation when we visit Taman Mini Indonesia. Everyone was inside the bus but these 2 persons. We had to tour the whole garden (Its a damn huge place) and yet still unable to find them before they eventually returned to the bus just minutes before we left.

8) We experienced the famous “Machet” (traffic jammed) of Jakarta. It takes us 3 hours to move for 12 km from Universitas Gunadarma to Ancol beach.

9) One of our members lost his passport during the last night of the tour, despite constant reminders from the embassy that passport is the ultimate stuff to be taken care of. Cliche. But Alhamdulillah he found it back at the Ancol beach, after rushing back from Malaysian Hall to the place. Phewwwww

10) I am missing every single one of them, and every single moments that we made together ;’)

Universitas Indonesia !
Universitas Indonesia !

p/s : Just for clarifications, this was a self sponsored trip in which the participants bear their own flights, foods and accommodation.


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