WIEF Young Fellows 2014 – Manila


Last year, I was chosen to be part of the WIEF Young Fellows 2014. It was held for one week in the capital of Philippines, Manila from 18-24 June 2014. It was a privilege for me to be selected for this programme as I am are amongst hundreds of applicants from all over the world. For those who wonder what is this program all about, here’s some brief description about it :

” The WIEF Young Fellows is one of WIEF’s flagship programmes focusing on youth leadership. It is a one-week intensive leadership programme bringing together young leaders across the globe from all walks of life, covering personal and community leadership, entrepreneurship and business management, environmental sustainability, social enterprise and philanthropy. In short, we are in the business of creating next generation leaders that are poised to become great entrepreneurs, who also have a moral bearing to contribute back to society. “

So there was 24 of us whom are selected to be part of the program. The participants come from all walk of life , such government officers, corporate persons, entrepreneurs, social activists and students. This people came from all over the globe; USA, South Africa, UK, Turkey, Asia, You name it. Despite all the differences, we came and unite as one to achieve the common objectives ,To Learn, To Empower, To Earn, and To Return.


Throughout the whole week, we did a lot of stuffs, from lectures, sharing session with CEO’s and entrepreneurs, visits and practical application of the knowledge gain to the streets. For those who want to know more about the stuff that we did, you can check out this link : wief-young-fellows-2014-programme-public-distribution .

It was really an eye-opening experiences for me as the people whom are part of this were really talented and definitely have a bright future ahead of them. And more importantly, the bond and networking that was formed during the program would be very invaluable to me and the rest of the fellows. As one of the fellows said, “We came from all parts of the world as strangers, but departed to our respected residences as family! “.

“We set out this programme with a mission to transform ordinary young people into responsible top-class leaders. We taught them integrity, we taught them how to sell in the real marketplace, we taught them respect, humility and we taught them that a dream is the right of every living being, and it is our duty to honour it so that they in turn can make the world a better place. We were humbled by poor children who teaches us how to dream and how to love your fellow human unconditionally. Today, these young people who came to Manila as ordinary men and women, are now leaders who can take on the next decade”. – Fazil Irwan Mohd Som, Head Coordinator WIEF Young Fellows 2014 at the Closing Ceremony of the WIEF Young Fellows 2014 in Manila, Philippines.

We were even featured in the top newspaper in Malaysia, The Star , thanks to MayLee who was one of the fellows for the the program that are currently working with the newspaper.

Change-maker !
Change-maker !

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